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Dialogues for canva

Designed to engage adults in difficult conversations about social justice

Dialogues On is a resource and methodology that engages adults in conversation around difficult topics by providing well-researched information brought to life with the lived experience of people at the center of each topic. By providing a helping hand to begin the conversation, Dialogues On fosters equality and justice both within our small groups and larger community.

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Dialogues On: Race


Designed to engage adults in difficult conversations, Dialogues On: Race explores key topics having to do with race and religion in the United States. Inside, well-researched information is brought to life with the lived experience of people at the center of each topic. The Dialogues On: Race study includes the Learner BookFacilitator Guide, and DVD.

Chapters included:

  • What Does is Mean to be White? - Daniel Hill
  • Christmas Cookies from Cambodia - Kristofer Coffman
  • Say It Loud: I'm Black and I'm Proud - Rozella Haydée White
  • American Amnesia - Jim Bear Jacobs
  • Whither the Women? - Cami Jones
  • Two Christianities - Broderick Greer
  • A New Heaven and a New Earth - Lenny Duncan

"I believe the only hope for mainline Christianity is to dismantle white supremacy—first in our pews and then in our communities. This is the call of discipleship."

- Lenny Duncan, Dialogues On: Race Learner Book

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Dialogues On: Sexuality

Explores key topics such as patriarchy and the church, women's sexuality and the church, sex and marriage, and why language matters when talking about sexuality.

Chapters included:

  • A Man's World - Brandi Miller
  • I Kissed Niceness Goodbye - Carla Ewert and Linda Kay Klein
  • Sex and Marriage - Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers
  • Pink Capes and Zip-Up Boots - Isaac Archuleta
  • What Does It Mean to Be Transgender? - Rev. Dr. Paula Stone Williams
  • Are All Welcome? - George Mekhail
  • Building an Ethic of Sexual Wholeness - Rev. Marcus Halley

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Dialogues On: The Refugee Crisis

Explores key topics such as local and national policy and perspective on refugees.

Chapters included:

  • The Story We Live In - Brianne Casey
  • A People without a Place - Dr. Beth Oppenheim-Chan
  • A Global Perspective - Jenny Yang
  • A Network of Care - Sarah Krause, MS
  • Facing Our History - Halima Z. Adams
  • Looking for Home - Aubrey Leigh Grant
  • Where Do We Go from Here? - Matthew Soerens

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